Angry Tweets for 2011-02-10

  • Dear Juan Valdez. You and your donkey have prevented the deaths of many a ASSHAT today. I thank you for your service for humanity. #coffee #
  • Ouch. Read about the Colorado RPh who gave 19 yo preggo MTX instead of antibiotic. Similar name, one born in 52 other 92. #
  • Bet dollars to doughnuts they asked her the name and DOB and she responded with "yeah, yeah, just gimme the rx! hurry my ride is impatient". #
  • Yeah, it sucks and all, but at what point do we have to interrogate the patient? #
  • Yanno, for how often we see media-dramatized misfills compared to how many Rx fills/day nationwide, we're doing damn well. #
  • Blame sudafed for the meth problem? Nope, blame the FDA for pulling PPA over a bullshit study. #
  • HAY Pharmacy Peeps. Is there a shortage of Vicodin 5/500 by watson? #
  • Normal speak: I just took sudafed for my congestion. (see next tweet) #
  • Media speak: Pharmacist just took a POWERFUL METH PRECURSOR that KILLS MINORITY CHILDREN for his congestion. #
  • Female Pt: "Didnt I go to HS with you?" Me: "Yup" Pt: "Damn, a pharmacist? I missed the boat! Are my norco ready" Me: "Due monday, c-ya!" #
  • Sorry Apple, but you've turned into just another Microsoft. I'm 'thinking different' now. #
  • Hey @BurbDoc, you know of any good weight loss clinics? #
  • My tech was dancing to Lady GaGa. This is the BK BJ'er. His new name on here is "BK-BJ". #
  • Just made BK-BJ a cheat card with the vicodin/lortab/norco strengths #techschoolfail #
  • Me: "You take your Flovent every day?" Pt: "Yes" Me: "Last filled was in October" Pt: "Oh, I might of ran out of it a month ago". #
  • Man, starting to feel that @BurbDoc isn't down with the angry podcast. The world crys cancer-curing tears. #
  • The Angry Medicine Podcast – Clinically Proven by Wakefield to Cure Cancer and Autism. #
  • Still no response from @BurbDoc about Yes/No on podcast. The world holds its breath. #

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