Angry Tweets for 2011-02-17

  • If you love pharmacy, and you love podcasts, I might hint at @AngryPharmcast COMING SOON (we hope) #
  • In Pharmacy Today – "Flordia student RPh's deliver MTM by phone." Good to see APhA supports retail and mail order-type pharmacy #
  • Have you noticed that in these APhA articles (that arent advertisements) it involves students or old retired pharmacist? #
  • Oh, and I LOVE the full-page CVS/Caremark ad in the APhA magazine. Glad to see APhA is doing something about the PBM's! #
  • Having RPh's charge for shit we do for FREE (ie MTM) is like McDonalds charging for ketchup packets or napkins. Its not going to work. #
  • Pharmacy is dying of a brain tumor, and APhA is focusing on treating an ingrown toenail. #
  • I've given up on you APhA, you obviously don't care about the small retail shops in favor of your corporate chain/pbm sponsers #
  • If you crackhead would work as hard getting a JOB as you do trying to get narcs filled early – you'd be set. #
  • Im on the verge of pissing in the pharmacy sink because someone is taking their sweet time ducing. #
  • Whenever I deal with an asshat patient (and equal asshat MD) I think: WWBD (What Would @burbdoc Do) #

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