Angry Tweets for 2011-02-23

  • I heard on the radio that Justin Bieber cut his hair. In other news I took an epic-level shit. Those two have the same newsworthly value. #
  • Welcome to Pharmacy Feud. We surveyed 100 people. The question is: Most common saying heard in a pharmacy. #
  • Second Question: Why cant I spell today. SURVEY SAYS: #
  • SURVEY SAYS: "Did mah Doktor OK mah vike-o-dans yet" #
  • #PharmacyFeud NEXT ROUND: A Pharmacists best friend is: #
  • Oh BKBJ, you always give me something to be angry about. #
  • BKBJ: "She sucks dick well enough to write to the president about" Me: "I dont know how to respond to that" #
  • Me (to BKBJ): Hey, go get that womans machine for me out front. BKBJ: HOLY SHIT I CANT BREATHE. Me: heh heh heh. #
  • I seriously have half a bottle of Purell dumped out on the counter to drown out the smell of BO and cat piss. #
  • Best feeling to see a patient walk in, and realize you're about to lose 20mins out of your day. #
  • Heh, Healthcare is a "Basic Human Right"? Sorta goes on with that "Driving is a Right". #
  • Guess if Healthcare is a right, taking care of yourself and living healthy is also a Right. #
  • Why does Barr name its Birth Control fucking useless fruity bullshit names? COME THE FUCK ON. #
  • I think the Bourbon and Beer aren't having a party in my tummy 🙁 #
  • In fraternity life, when did the word "Hazing" start being thrown around like the word "Terrorist" #

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