Angry Tweets for 2011-02-26

  • Todays Fartcast includes a high pressure/high humidy area with slight chances of splattered showers. #
  • Tips on being internet famous: Be a patient of @BurbDoc and myself; Do something stupid/outrageous; ???; Enjoy fame on twitter. #
  • Are ER docs as annoyed as I am when I see ER-time being used as a ghetto primary-care clinic? You know, treating NON EMERGENCIES. #
  • I dont see the doctor. I just watch Oprah, Dr. Oz, "Ask the Doctors", and Dr. Phil. They give me the information I need to sur*AARRRG MI!* #
  • If your RPh is too busy to sit down for a lunch, the same rules should apply to the techs as well. #
  • Residents: If there is a choice between a textbook-taper, and a real-life taper; think of the pharmacist who has to deal with your choice. #
  • BKBJ was trying to take credit for my "Crackhead Octogon". I called him out on it, fucker isn't that creative. #
  • HAHAHA That Rx is for HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE 25 not HYDROCODONE 25. The look on sadness on her face was PRICELESS. #
  • If people treated food-service the same as pharmacists, there would be a pandemic in pubic/spit laden food. #
  • If Chuck Norris was a Pharmacist an early refill would come with a roundhouse to the face. #
  • #ChuckNorrisMD JCAHO doesn't inspect Chuck. Chuck inspects JCAHO. #

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