Angry Tweets for 2011-03-30

  • Quit bitching about 'gas money'. The $ cost of drugs you pick up for FREE could pay for 6 months worth of gas. #
  • Im not amazed that people will jump through hoops without complaint to get say.. a TV, but bitch about jumping through hoops for medication #
  • Im also not amazed that you'll whine about driving 'across town' to get 90 FREE PLAVIX ($600) but not to pick up discounted cigs or booze #
  • Assface, why are you freaking out on me? You've been without your pills for 4 months, another 2 days for an auth isn't going to kill you. #
  • If some asshole yells at me from across the counter again, he's going to get a stapler to the dome in response. #
  • Excuse of the week: "Im sorry, but I've done a LOT of drugs and I didnt understand the directions on my vicodin bottle" #

Angry Tweets for 2011-03-24

  • Asshole Docs: When you tell me to "shut up fill the rx and count by 5's", do you also tell your plumber to "shut up and dig that turd out?" #
  • Or do you only treat pharmacists like shit. I bet you treat nurses like shit too. #
  • I'll be sure next time that huge DDI or error comes up I'll just "shut up and count by 5's" #
  • "I cant take Zocor, it makes me cough up blood. Fill my Vytorin please." I cant make this shit up. 🙁 #
  • If you can't afford $7 for your prenatal vitamins, how can you afford to raise a baby? #

Angry Tweets for 2011-03-17

  • Actos -> Product of Japan. Plan for shortages/price increases. #
  • Maybe i'll sell my stockpile of KI on ebay before I let people know that radioactive iodine has a half-life of 8.9 mins #
  • First doctor who gives patients amiodarone for Iodine treatment (37% by weight!( is going to get a kick in the teeth by me. IT WONT WORK! #
  • Im in morbid amusement at people who want KI RIGHT NOW, but are 3 months behind getting their diabetes meds filled. #
  • "Hi, I'm Wilford Brimley, and Im here to talk to you about how Liberty Medical can help you with your KI. Thyroideetus!" #

Angry Tweets for 2011-03-16

  • Insomnia last night spells bad day for BKBJ today. #
  • Watching 16 and pregnant makes me feel like I'm at work, only Im sitting down and not getting yelled at. #
  • Seems I have hit some material gold on my latest post. Its about damn time. #
  • Dear paranoid masses. If you wish for Iodine to prevent the nuke from killing you (as you stuff your cheeseburger face), ask MD for SSKI #
  • 2 drops of SSKI/day will prevent you from radiation death, it will not prevent fat-american-fast-food death (10000000% more likely) #
  • Serious. People wont stockpile food/water in emergencies but will stockpile iodine tablets in case of REMOTE chance of fallout? wtf #

Be a dick, get a gift card!

A wise man (OK, its my employer, fine) told me that the smartest investment a business can make is in its employees.  That’s right, happy employees mean productive employees which are good for the customer, business, everyone.

I sure as shit wouldn’t be happy if my employer rewarded complete dickhead patient behavior with gift-cards.  In fact, I’d feel like my employer feels that a shitty patient attitude is more of an asset than the feelings of its employees.  A feeling that my professional opinion/ethics is worth less than a $10 STFU gift-card.  Chain pharmacists, I don’t know why you put up with it.  Oh, its because they blew a bunch of smoke up your ass when you were in school (when you thought you knew everything), offered you a fat sign-on bonus in return for years of slavery, and now you’re stuck with a tech who paid $20k in schooling but asks you daily what the trade name of hydroxyzine is.  Lame.

So I hope Walgreens, Rite-Aid (15 mins!), CVS and the like need to listen the fuck up, because I’ll tell you why the profession is going down the shitter (and why we are treated so).  The mighty cards.  CorpoChains are shitting in their own beds for the sake of ‘loyalty’.

At my store, we have no gift-cards.  You treat me (or my staff) like shit and we politely ask what pharmacy you would like your Rx’s transferred to.  If you continue, you get the front door opened with your face.  We don’t reward asshat behavior (unless we REALLY REALLY FUCKED UP, then we deserve it), most (if not all) independents operate the same.  Its just common business sense!  If the pharmacy fucked up – sure, throw them a gift card to say that we’re sorry.  However word from the trenches is that they are throwing gift cards away to people who have complaints that are in no way the fault/responsibility of the pharmacist nor the pharmacy itself!  Chains, grow a pair of nuts and realize that the customer is usually dead-fucking-wrong!

Hey, if you are pissy because your doctor hasn’t responded to your vicodin request then you are FREE to go get a new Rx directly.  Upset because you have 0 refills? Your bottle clearly stated that fact when you picked it up, try reading it for once.  Don’t like this whole novel concept called “responsibility” and “planning ahead”? Go get your own MD license and you can write your own prescriptions.

Unhappy that we didn’t have all 120 of your Xeloda?  Are you unhappy that the pharmacy TOLD you that this was a special order and to call a week ahead (which you promptly forgot/ignored)?  I’d be happy to order you a year supply if you want to foot the $20,000+ tab and I’ll keep it safe for you.  Maybe a little inconvenience will pound into your thick skull to do what we tell you next month.

Pissed that we didn’t have the full amount of a trade-name item that only YOU take (and you didn’t call ahead like we asked)?  Well, I’m unhappy that my grocery store doesn’t have a certain brand of salad dressing in stock, yet you don’t see me raising a stink and demanding compensation via gift-cards.  Call ahead.

Pitching a shit-fit that you drove “all the way across town (2 miles)” to find that we’re still waiting for the refill authorization on your pain pills (even though the 10 maintenance meds are ready to go)?  Its called a phone, you have one in your pocket, its nicer than mine.  Amazing how you can know everything that your baby-daddy is doing behind your back yet you are unable to make a phone call to the pharmacy to see if your crack got approved.

Whats the solution to all of these scenarios?  Gift-cards to the loud-mouth crackhead by some ignorant store manager who couldn’t be a pharmacy tech if his/her life depended on it.

The chains are doing nothing but demoting the profession (if you still want to call it that) of pharmacy by rewarding patient complaints.  If your dog pissed on the carpet do you give him a treat?  The chain stores do! Rewarding such piss-poor behavior just breeds more bad behavior.  Shit-hole patient chainitude (that’s chain attitude, I’m so clever!) behavior spills over to independents, and god dammit we don’t give out fucking gift cards nor do we want your douche-canoe “Eye wanna gyft carrrd” patients!

So my in at the Low-Stock-Price-Leader says that Rite-Aid has this 15 min guarantee for when your vicodinprescription will be done.  If you don’t get your Rx in 15 mins you get a $5 gift card (insurance problems don’t count, some restrictions apply, see your friendly Rite-Aid associate for details, blah blah blah).  Now considering how short staffed most chain stores are, I’d rather them keep the $5 (the going rate for almost 5 shares of stock, no bullshit), have them take as long as needed, and have my Rx be correct (ie: not killing me).  In fact, this whole 15 min bullshit really pisses me off.  Who cares if your Rx wasn’t done in 15 mins or less (sounds like pizza delivery).  Guess what Rite-Aid; people die due to medication errors, people don’t die from a cold pizza. If you want to hold your pharmacists to the same standards as a pizza-worker, then expect the same quality of service of a pizza-worker.  Hope the impending lawsuits don’t push your stock to the point where you need to PAY people to claim ownership of it.  Oh wait, its $1.11 a share, strike that last statement.

In all honesty, I really do feel bad for the pharmacists, tech, and clerks who have to deal with their employer who puts the opinion of the public over their own employees.  Its one thing to offer something to a patient as compensation for a mistake, an oversight, or just plain forgetting (nobody shit smells better in this regard), but for a 15 min guarantee?  Way to value patient safety at a whopping $5.