Angry Tweets for 2011-03-01

  • Dear Mr Medicaid: Do I tell you how to be an ungrateful lazy fuck? No? Then why are you telling me how I should do my job. #
  • "My insurance turns off tomorrow, thats why my doctor wrote me a 1000000 day supply. Why is it not covered?" #
  • I'd be a happier person if I could draw penises on your Rx label. #
  • Its pretty sad overall when people get offended when they are expected to PAY for services rendered. #
  • I feel sorry for these entitlement bastards when the gravy-train ends. Poor health + "Someone elses problem" = Natural Selection. #
  • Introducing Purell Eye-Wash! Summer + BMI > 70 + Tube Top = You'll be glad you bought our product! #
  • Im embracing Pharmageddon with a "Fuck You" attitude and 2 scoops of bad-mood. #
  • If you are friendly / make small-talk with me. I'm going to assume you want something early. #
  • For those fucks that think we're just overglorfied cashiers: Cardio just gave a Viagra pt NTG. Go fuck yourselves. #
  • My lower back is 4 shades of fucked up. Standing for the last 10 hours blows medco dick. #
  • If this doesn't post to facebook, I will murder someone. #
  • One last chance before I commence the facebook killin. #
  • Am I a bad person for hiding the fact that I have a PharmD and hate when people refer to me as "Dr"? #

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