Angry Tweets for 2011-03-02

  • Docusate should be brown instead of red. Turbid brown liquid. #
  • Life is full of choices: You chose cigs and weed over your Vicodin. Let me call the WAAAAHbulance for you. #
  • I dont give two fucks about how your day is going or how nice the weather is. Give me what you want filled so I can get back to work. #
  • My back is beyond the point of being annoying #
  • Being an RPh is like being a cop, but without the gun and the ability to shove someones face into concrete before driving them around. #
  • Curious as to why this country is in the shitter? Go sit in any pharmacy for a few days and see who's vote counts as much as yours. #
  • Pt: "I'm allergic to prednisone" Huh? Whut? #
  • New Country Hit: "Lost my DANs and I'm a week too early" #

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