Angry Tweets for 2011-03-05

  • Sorry for not being here. Hospitalized d/t self-inflicted eye injury secondary to seeing first tube-top of the year. #
  • If you can make dress a turd up and make it presentable, then you have a chance of fixing retail pharmacy. #
  • Until that time retail isn't worth fixing because the #1 drain on us is the ungrateful fuckhead patients. #
  • There were no angry sites when I was in school. I didnt have the luxury of knowing this shit-hole profession until it was too late. #
  • Pharmacy students now days have 0 room to bitch about the profession. You know what you're getting into. #
  • People can "advance" the profession all they want, the public will still be the public, and the public will treat you like shit. #
  • Correction: They will be nice until they get their narcs in their hands, THEN they will treat you like shit. #
  • The WORST part of it all, is that this feeling isn't "Just Me". #
  • You're on disability. Why are you bitching about 'wasting your time'. YOU DONT FUCKIN WORK. #
  • Do you cry to your cell-phone carrier when you have to pay for service? How about the gas-station attendant? How's pharmacy different? #
  • Professional Life in America: Study hard, get a degree and get shit-on/raped-in-taxes by people who refuse to put in equiv effort. #
  • "Virtual Colonoscopy?" <TAP> Im entering your colon now <PT> LOL IT FEELS GOOD. #
  • Watching BKBJ blow through DDI warnings on computer like a hooker on a Friday night. FML. #

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