Angry Tweets for 2011-03-10

  • Rough few days at the angry pharmacy. Few casualties including a bottle of Jack. #
  • You know why we get treated like shit? Because the chains reward that behavior with gift cards and apologies. #
  • I gave up filling narcotics early for Lent. Im sure the "OH JESUS! IM IN PAIN" crowd would approve of my sacrifice. #
  • Hm, I feel an angry rant coming on about chains giving away gift-cards instead of kicks-in-the-ass. #
  • Off to work to give out 0 fucking gift-cards to people who treat me like shit. Chains, take note and maybe your balls will drop finally. #
  • OH JESUS PAIN: The pain that strikes your customer upon entering the store which magically leaves once exiting the store. See #crackhead #
  • OH JESUS PAIN (cont): The pain is identified by the patient using the phrase "OH JESUS" while shuffling to (and plopping on) the counter. #
  • All my patients gave up common-sense, personal responsibility, AND planning ahead for Lent. FML. #
  • Jesus died for your sins, not for your copays. #
  • The rest of the world should be thankful that stupidity doesn't hurt. #
  • Its like the stupid-bus drove on the wrong side of the road, unloaded at my store, then proceeded to blow up leaving them stranded here. #
  • It got to the point where I asked someone if their question was serious or if they were just fucking with me. It was serious. #

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