Angry Tweets for 2011-03-16

  • Insomnia last night spells bad day for BKBJ today. #
  • Watching 16 and pregnant makes me feel like I'm at work, only Im sitting down and not getting yelled at. #
  • Seems I have hit some material gold on my latest post. Its about damn time. #
  • Dear paranoid masses. If you wish for Iodine to prevent the nuke from killing you (as you stuff your cheeseburger face), ask MD for SSKI #
  • 2 drops of SSKI/day will prevent you from radiation death, it will not prevent fat-american-fast-food death (10000000% more likely) #
  • Serious. People wont stockpile food/water in emergencies but will stockpile iodine tablets in case of REMOTE chance of fallout? wtf #

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