Angry Tweets for 2011-03-30

  • Quit bitching about 'gas money'. The $ cost of drugs you pick up for FREE could pay for 6 months worth of gas. #
  • Im not amazed that people will jump through hoops without complaint to get say.. a TV, but bitch about jumping through hoops for medication #
  • Im also not amazed that you'll whine about driving 'across town' to get 90 FREE PLAVIX ($600) but not to pick up discounted cigs or booze #
  • Assface, why are you freaking out on me? You've been without your pills for 4 months, another 2 days for an auth isn't going to kill you. #
  • If some asshole yells at me from across the counter again, he's going to get a stapler to the dome in response. #
  • Excuse of the week: "Im sorry, but I've done a LOT of drugs and I didnt understand the directions on my vicodin bottle" #

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