Angry Tweets for 2011-04-16

  • What hashtag can I abuse today. #aPTD sx. #
  • *sigh* Its sad when the morning goof-off with your twitter friends is the only time you'll smile/laugh all day. #
  • Off to work, its friday. Fuck. #
  • Is it known to the state of California that subjects in a pharmacy may cause bitterness, cynicism, and resentment towards your fellow man. #
  • I'm waiting for the sun to burn out so I can tell the crackheads "YOU HAVE A FUCKING LARGER PROBLEM THAN YOUR FUCKING PAIN PILLS IDIOT!" #
  • BKBJ has been running me over with the failboat today. #
  • So full of fail today…. omfg so full of fail. HEY TAP HERE I COME IN THE FAILBOAT *squish*. #
  • Im dilated to 4-5, crowning, and someone is ON THE FUCKING CAN. #
  • I feel like prank-calling my patients #aPTD #
  • hahahaha You know my watsons bring all the crackheads to the yard, damn right my soma iz better than yours. #

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