Angry Tweets for 2011-04-23

  • I wonder if people think im insensitive when I shrug and walk off when someone has a seizure in the store and they ask me to DO SOMETHING! #
  • Yeah, he's laying down, no chance of head trauma. Im sorry if I dont keep Diastat in a side holster. Sure it looks scary but let it finish #
  • The family obviously isn't freaking out yelling at me. So why is your crackhead ass now the "OMFG DO SOMETHING NOW" police? #
  • So I go back to filling Rx's as EVERYONE freaks out, 911 is called *sigh*. Then they all think im a dick for just ignoring it. People suck. #
  • New hit single rap by myself and @TAesP: "Yo Old Lady dont wanna hump? Well just Diastat that rump!" #
  • "Click click click on the diastat makes her in a mood to tap that ass!" #diastatthatrump #pharmacynerd #
  • "Dont forget to snap the ring or dat bitch be as loose as static cling!" (wtf?) #diastatthatrump #pharmacynerd #HOLLA #
  • I just realized that 98% of my followers who have never seen a Diastat will not know what the shit I am talking about. #
  • If retail doesn't defeat your will to live after every shift, you don't care about your patients. Think about that. #
  • Mental note: Dont go to tweetups. #
  • Why must you fight with the ice cubes mr Ice-Cold-Vodka? You both are on the same team! #

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