Angry Tweets for 2011-04-29

  • Yes yes, bitch about your $5 copay for your #60 nexium. #
  • Sure, i'll transfer everything to WalMart because "its only $4 there". Drive across town as punishment for your stupidity. #
  • Im amazed (in that shoot myself in the face way) that people will blow $4 gal gas to save $1 by going across town to another pharmacy. #
  • Actually, im not amazed. Im saddened that my profession is helping keep idiots alive longer to rub off on the young and impressionable. #

One thought on “Angry Tweets for 2011-04-29”

  1. Lol or how about the ones that when you don’t have a drug in stock wanna know if your competitor across the st. Do? Like you check daily if they have crap in stock, then ask if you’ll call and find out, then get pissed cause you won’t call your competition to find out.

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