Angry Tweets for 2011-05-06

  • Dear Dr Oz. Please stfu and stop filling my patients head with your half-truth medical drivel. Thanks -Pharmacists everywhere. #
  • Pt: "MAH INSURANCE CUVERS EVERYTHANG" Me: "ORLY?" #willitcovermyfootinyourass #
  • The Angry Forums will be ran on vbulletin vs phpBB so you facebook peeps can login via your facebook account. #
  • It'll cost me about $200 for the software. Bitches better use it 🙂 #
  • To celebrate Cinco De Mayo im eating taco truck. Then I will celebrate Explosion de Assholio. #
  • I have begun the conversion of taco-truck burrito to forceful anal discharge. Fingers crossed. #
  • Farting at this point is like playing russian roulette with my undergarments. #
  • Pulled the trigger just now with my underware. Got a pfffft, not a SQUIRT. #
  • Today just went from shitty, to fucking shitty. No, not related to my ass. #

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