Angry Tweets for 2011-05-10

  • I should just roll a magic 8-ball to see if BKBJ is going to piss me off today. #
  • Alright, my day starts. FML. #
  • The way BKBJ is sucking on that water bottle you'd think it bought him dinner beforehand. #
  • BKBJ would give some of the twitter girls a run for their money in the sucking dept. Holy shit man. #aPTD #
  • If he takes the tip out of his mouth and squirts it on his face, i'm leaving. #
  • #OutOfContextQOTD BKBJ(about food floatie in waterbottle): Yeah, I backwashed in it while I was sucking on it for you. #imleaving #
  • First prescribe Hibiclens Rx of the year! Summer is upon us! #
  • Sure, self adjust your insulin dose against what your doctor or I say, its "your body" so you must know it. #
  • SERIOUSLY?!? Fucking 9 months preggo with a baby-tee shirt on? No honey, you arent dee-licious you are dee-scusting. #
  • Making out with your baby-momma in my waiting area is grounds for me to say your herpes meds are ready for pickup. #
  • Asshole, signing refill requests while ignoring my note is grounds for me to do whatever the fuck I want. #

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