Angry Tweets for 2011-05-11

  • BKBJ: I could go for a latte right now. Me: You want some monistat for that vagina of yours too? #
  • BKBJ is singing TLC's "Dont go chasing waterfalls". People wonder why I'm angry. #
  • If you're going to stand at the counter and impatiently stare at me, you better be female, hot, and topless. #
  • You dumb douche, $0.00 copay is not "Free". I realize the concept eludes your tiny entitlement-minded brain. #
  • In pharmacy, Like attracts Like. Remember that #cryaptdic #
  • It makes me sad that myself and @drugmonkey force companies to make employees put disclaimers on their FB pages. #
  • Heres a novel concept, make your employees happy and want to work for you. Problem solved. #

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