Angry Tweets for 2011-05-15

  • No offers to have me talk at a graduation ceremony yet, disappointed. #
  • Though I think it would go down like an episode of 'punked'. OH DAMN KIDS! LIFE IS GOING TO SUCK FOR YOU! YOU JUST GOT PHARMAPUNKED! #
  • "People who are on an LMAO inhibitor should not take Twitter, the internet, or life in general" #
  • So my wife wants to be a part of the angry forums. Vote for name: MrsTAP or TheAngryWife #
  • Drink up new grads, drink up. Party while you still have ambition and hope about pharmacy… mwahahahahah!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! #
  • I'll just throw a BWAHAHAHAHAHA just for maniacal good measure. #

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