Angry Tweets for 2011-05-17

  • 3 months late on DM/HTN meds but 1 week early on pain pills. GO FUCKING FIGURE! #
  • Crackhead crying on the counter and wont leave. Lets see if a Mousekatool helps! Everyone say OH TOOOODLES! #
  • Today's Mousekatools are a baseball bat, some soma , some Narcan (oooh! Withdrawly!), and the Mystery Mousekatool! #
  • Shit, I'm out of mousekatools and Toodles just offed himself in the back room. #
  • My mouseadooer kept on spitting out 'REFILL TOO EARLY' and 'PRIOR AUTHORIZATION NEEDED" today It anally raped toodles & ate my mousekatools #

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