Angry Tweets for 2011-05-18

  • Redoing my SHTF first aid kit I bought online a number of years ago. Hm, didn't realize this had a full oral airway kit. #
  • wtf? Laryngoscope blades with light too? This is so above my pay grade, wtf else is in here! #
  • Wow, this came with a full airway kit, yet only 2 pairs of gloves. Classy. #
  • My Jim Beam bottle says "THIS WHISKEY IS 4 YEARS OLD". When it was put in the barrel I still had ambition for pharmacy. Now its the cure. #
  • The 18 year old scotch I shall consume after work was made when I was excited for pharmacy. Now it helps me deal with the end result. #
  • My MD @ last physical: "Do you consume more than 3 alcoholic drinks/week" Me: "Im a pharmacist remember" Him: "I'll switch week to day" #
  • Alcohol, bringing all professions of medicine together since the 1800's. #
  • The laws regarding new Rx's every time a C2 can be filled should be packaged on cigs and lottery tickets. Maybe then ppl will understand. #
  • Off to work. Say a prayer for BKBJ today because I'm hung over and in a very bad mood. #
  • Guys have their built in shakeweight exercise plan. Just sayin. #
  • I think the Rapture came like 20 years ago, all pharmacists were voted to be as bad as serial rapists and molesters. #
  • Im making BKBJ call me "Your Royal Pharmacyship" and bowing everytime he asks a question. HAHAHAHA, what a tool. #
  • I fax you for insulin needle refill and you fax back wanting gauge size? Okay, 12. #

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