Angry Tweets for 2011-05-19

  • BKBJ (after doing something dumb): "Im sorry for being me" #
  • BKBJ (to me): "You cant crush my spirit………fuck.. You ever wish you could go back and not say something stupid?" #
  • Welcome to twitter: @TheAngryBKBJ.. I wanted TAPsBITCH but this is more PC. #
  • Heh, @TheAngryBKBJ says "Lannus" instead of "LAN-TUSS". #
  • Always blame the hard working legit pharmacy staff for shorted narcs BEFORE your crackhead good for fucking nothing child #rulesofcrackdom #
  • wtf, I leave twitter to get a drink or 5 and people start getting naked and freaky on here? #
  • Shit, @TheAngryBKBJ already has 50 followers. Go follow @TheShyPharmD so she'll have more followers than loserboy #
  • wtf, @TheAngryBKBJ has 70 followers already? If he starts to get uppity at work I might have to dickpunch him and sic @TheShyPharmD on him #
  • Why am I watching the Bioelements youtube channel? #

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