Angry Tweets for 2011-05-21

  • These entitlement-driven fucks would take my front counter if it wasn't bolted to the floor. #
  • How about this you asshole, I'll call your insurance for your ID if you call and get a job interview. #
  • Next time @TheAngryBKBJ lets my printer run out of labels I'm going to staple his nuts to a ream of paper. #
  • I think im going to hell for the #Rapture Its called Monday in Retail Pharmacy. #
  • Drama on the beach. Already asked if I would buy underage kids alcohol. #
  • Waiting to see how fight between two highschoolers will resolve itself. #
  • Fight resolved. Girl gets pissed, girl gets in car, girl speeds off. Guy calls girl a bitch and drinking proceeds. Wow, predictable. #
  • If I had condoms and plan-B on me, Im sure I would make a fortune right now. #
  • You loud high school fucks are disturbing my listening of the ocean. Dont make rapture my foot up your pimply virgin ass #
  • Oh wonderful, someone is shooting a gun within earshot. Sounds like a .22 #

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