Angry Tweets for 2011-05-24

  • Monday. Time for the rapture for @TheAngryBKBJ. #
  • Doing 2 year narc inventory tonight. Fun shit. #
  • Crackhead tears on the counter. Not helping my narc inventory. Seriously you fucking idiots, CALL BEFORE YOU COME DOWN. #
  • You fucking moron. There isnt a doubt in my mind why you are incapable of holding a job and why the state needs to wipe your fucking ass #
  • Man, ungrateful.. ungrateful ungrateful ungrateful….. Oh, sorry you actually need to take responsibility for SOMETHING in your life. #
  • Im voting to print "DID YOU CALL IN FOR YOUR REFILLS?" printed on cigs and lotto tickets. It would make my life so much easier. #
  • Woah chick with a fucked up grill. "Sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch" is a saying, not an order. #
  • Starting the 2 year log run. This might take a bit. #

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