Angry Tweets for 2011-05-27

  • "Docusate 100, 1 bid hold for lose stools" MAN! I hate it when I lose my stools! #
  • It makes me happy that a rag-tag group of random medical peeps can pull together to defend our own. #
  • Clerk "You want something from burger king" @TheAngryPharm + @TheAngryBKBJ *look at each other, look at clerk* Clerk: "NO, NO BLOWJOB". #
  • Makes my day when I get a stressed med resident on the phone and I crack some off-color joke about the patient & the whole conv lightens up #
  • Why do I get a feeling if there was a big medical tweetup, most of us would be playing D&D in the corner. #
  • Medtweep D&D session: You see a pt, BMI of 40 smoking eating mcdonalds, refuses to take DM meds, attacks you with stinking cloud, initative! #
  • If you make ME redo all of your Rx's because YOU fucked up, your wait time is now 1 hour. #
  • gchat party line: @ApothecaryTales is on too (busting my balls). #
  • Thinking of making some fish for dinner, but I dont want to stink my house up like what the pharmacy smells like. #
  • so what, its only 3 dudes in a group gmail chat? #

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