Angry Tweets for 2011-06-01

  • Did @mommy_doctor delete her twitter? #
  • To @mommy_doctor – We know why you left, we dont like it, and we'll miss you. #
  • All I need is your name, DOB and Rx numbers. All the other blah blah shit out of your mouth is just that. #
  • Big thanks to the kind patients who dont act like dicks in the store. #
  • What the fuck! Why the hell is @BurbDoc above me on This is fucking bullshit! #
  • My coverage expired, but I dont want to pay for it. OH SHURE WHY NOT! Fucking people. #
  • OMFG – @TheAngryBKBJ (to me): Im so into you. Me: *blank look of shock* Him: You ever wish you could take back something you just said? #
  • Me: "You mean like offering you a job? Yes". #
  • Rnd2 – @TheAngryBKBJ: "Why do all the faggity guys get laid by all the hot chicks" Me: "Ask that question in the mirror". #
  • If @TheShyPharmD can get more followers than APhA (@pharmacists) by her showing boobs vs them doing something for pharmacy, thats pretty sad #
  • Considering i have 4.7 times more followers than APhA, that says something about who the voice of pharmacy is in the US. #
  • "Anusol-HC is like vicodin for your asshole" <– OMFG HAHAHAHAHAHA #
  • Fuck, why does Gabapentin cost so fucking much now? #
  • I miss @mommy_doctor. Anesthesiology is the closest thing us pharmacists have with specialists. #
  • hahaha I love medical twitter people. #

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