Angry Tweets for 2011-06-02

  • If I get one more ER Rx for Debrox i'm going to go on a fucking rampage. Seriously? ER for earwax? Why not go to have your ass wiped. #
  • Oh, debrox and claritin this time. BRB, raging. #
  • I renounce the hashtag #hcsm because i'm just a fucking pharmacist who isn't subject to pole-up-ass rules and bullshit. #
  • Hey Pt, you know I told you last month the MD said you needed an appt before next fill? Yeah, you're sadfaced now. Should of listened. #
  • You want trade name, yet you dont want to PAY for trade name. Life doesn't work that way idiot. #
  • I need an intern to absolutely ruin upon. #
  • Cant control one kid so you decide to squeeze out a few more? Tell me where that makes sense. #
  • My boss just said "boy! You're cranky today!" #
  • Hm, sorry Aldara is so expensive. Check the runway before you land your plane next time. #
  • MD office fax back: Gauge for insulin syringes? My response: .410 for doves, 12 for anything larger. I bet they wont get it. #
  • Oh god today sucked. #
  • If pharmacy is a dildo, I just got the 18" black double ended one. #
  • I seriously just sat on my nuts and hurt them. #
  • no, i dont have a hydrocele thnx. #

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