Angry Tweets for 2011-06-03

  • Off to work, FML, it was nice knowing all of you. #
  • "I dont want the round methadone, I want the other kind". How about you get no fucking methadone. #
  • "The round ones dont work for me". Well your fucking shitty crackhead personality doesn't work for me either. #
  • Prince is on the radio, if BKBJ sings im killing him. #
  • Lantus ok x 6 but needs appt for syringes? Are you giving this guy diabetic blue balls? #
  • WARNING! TOBACCO IS ADDICTIVE! (well so is porn, eating, watching tv, lazyness, twitter, the internet, etc) #
  • Maybe a kick in the balls will give this resident a reason for writing like absolute messy shit. #
  • Shit, I really want a steak now. Thanks @DrJonathan 🙁 #
  • Wow, this resident is the undisputed king of polypharmacy.. You dont need to Rx the whole PDR son. #
  • Dear Resident, get your ducks in a row if you decide to blast me on drugs, I think a whole lot faster than you do. #
  • dicked by doctors, dicked by patients, dicked by insurance companies, dicked by dickhead drug companies. #

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