Angry Tweets for 2011-06-04

  • Today is going to suck. #
  • Yeah, its #penisfriday alright, both ends of the pharmacy dildo you-know-where. #
  • Trying to look busy so I dont need to talk to a drug rep. On a friday.. The first part of the month.. At opening. #
  • Seriously? You're getting $400/month in drugs for FREE and you're bitching because you have to come here EVERY MONTH (omfg lazyfuck). #
  • Watching horny old nasty patients flirt with my clerks is like watching old people fuck, amusing yet horribly sad. #
  • This week has brought me an incredible offer that I had to regretfully refuse. 🙁 #
  • Ugh, so many talkatave crackheads that are all obnoxious because their Percocet Rx is in the process of being filled. #
  • Im always happy to take time to teach something to a resident, but it pisses me off when they refuse to learn. #
  • If you let your resident-MD ego get in the way of learning something from a lowly pharmacist, you are going to have a miserable time in life #
  • "All that needs is a slap and a little bit of lube" #outofcontextpharmacyconversation #
  • "Her parents are both batshit crazy, that makes her damn good fuckin! Crazy in head = Crazy in bed" #outofcontextpharmacyquotes #
  • "Cialis fixes boners, it cant cure ugly" #outofcontextpharmacyquotes #
  • "MY NAME IS DILANTIN! I stop people from dancing :(" #RxGabbaGabba #
  • I really want to sell Narcan crystals on the street as heroin. Does that make me a bad person? #
  • Oh god, finally home! #
  • The Angry Forums (beta) are open for signups Still in the process of working on it. #

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