Angry Tweets for 2011-06-09

  • Pt quote of the week: "Do I need to choke a bitch to get some damn xanax" – My QOTW: "What pharmacy do you want your shit xferd to?" #
  • Remember, your eRx system is connected to the rest of the world, your controlled pads are not. We know your handwriting, we dont know a eRx #
  • You know (or should) when a pad goes missing, you dont know what some 19 year old kid is eRx sending to our stores from his bedroom. #
  • Thank you eRx, for justifying my job in preventing deaths with 10cc's of lantus qhs instead of 10units. #
  • eRx isn't about safety, its about making a fuckton of cash for the makers who congress to push it. #
  • If eRxing supposedly saved us RPh's a bunch of time and angish, why are ALL of us against it? #
  • Its not standardized, it hackish at best with our pharmacy systems, and 95% of them require a fucking call to clarify wtf some idiot wrote. #
  • If you want a system that works and has been refined over a hundred years, go with the pad. No, Rx pad, not maxi pad.. well.. FUCK TAMPONS #
  • I learned today that everything that comes out of an ER patient is a lie (3 ER's, 3 out of 4 Rx's were for narcs, 2 days time) #
  • eRx has its place, hospital, 10,000+ patients, eCharts, pt incapable of bringing Rx to pharmacy without "losing" it. #
  • eRx and Medico lobbied God to punish me, I just sat on my right nut and now I feel like I have to throw up. #
  • Insurance companies can force mail order and thats okay, but I cant discuss reimburs with another pharmacy or get nailed for antitrust. #
  • Thats right bitches, this *ahem* made up *ahem* rant was fueled by alcohol! #
  • Out of TP and a monster duce breathing down your backside? I think I found a use for the PDR. #

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