Angry Tweets for 2011-06-11

  • I'm in a motherfuckin comic! Pretty good guess at what I look like, only the guy in the comic is sober. #
  • At airport, drinking gin #
  • Dear VPN. Quit being slow and sucking. Love, me. #
  • Gin just tastes better at airports. Dont know why #
  • OMFG so looking forward to stealing a skymall magazine on the plane. #
  • No fucking skymall. Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? Holy shit this is karma for not filling soma early today. #
  • Fuck. I feel like a crackhead who is one day early for his vicodin. So disappointed. #
  • Am I really fucking drunk, or did I see a commercial for Duke Nukem Forever on the fucking TV? Holy shit. They finished it. #
  • In PDX. Watch out @DrGhaheri #
  • Wonder if DrV will rant about me if I got my scroatum botoxed by @DrGhaheri #unprofessional #HCSMgate #

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