Angry Tweets for 2011-06-17

  • I had some deep and philosophical tweet this afternoon, but the lack of the will to live took it from me. #
  • Will to live restored -> #
  • WTF is up with the recall of Dr Reddy's Simvastatin for musty smell when Metformin smells like twat and Amox caps smells like fart? #
  • . @ThePharmB At least armor thyroid came from pigs. Metformin smells like its from amputated crackwhore vaginas. in reply to ThePharmB #
  • So when you only have $20 dollars, and you have the choice of your pain pills, or say, seizure medications. Guess which one you'll pick. #
  • Now compound this by bitching that your state-sponsored program 'doesn't do shit' as you have 3 months of Plavix in your hand for $0 #
  • Did I ever mention how much I hate amioderone? Like hate it with a passion. #
  • MAO-I's are the crazy pedophile uncle of pharmacy. Dont wanna see them, dont want to hear them, dont wanna even know they exist. #
  • I was talking to someone about propulsid causing QT prolongation, then remembered they were like 16 when it was available #imold #
  • I learned about reserpine, MAO-I's, Baycol, and Propulsid in school. #imold #
  • Lotensin, Zocor, & Neurontin was trade name only, and people still used Luvox. #
  • Torsades really pissed in the cornflakes of a lot of good drugs over the years. #fuckyouballerinas #

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