Angry Tweets for 2011-06-22

  • So.. Effin.. Tired.. omfg. #
  • Hmmm.. Metal plate on ground in front of counter (-) + Metal countertop wired for (+) = End of crackhead bitching. #
  • Days like these I should of been a cess-pool pumper. We both deal with the same thing for a living. #
  • Pharmacist vs Proctologist – Both deal with assholes for a living. #
  • Fucking really? You got this Rx 20 min's ago and it looks like you wiped your dogs ass with it. #
  • Awww, cute baby 16 year old, I hope by the age of 4 she is smarter than you are. #
  • Ugh, horribly ugly chick in a thong just bent over. Thats one whale tail that even Paul Watson wouldn't want to save. #

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