Angry Tweets for 2011-07-04

  • BBQ today. Guess who's going to get stuck BBQ'ing. <— Thats who. #
  • Anything fun in California is banned. More damage has been done by anal sex than fireworks that fly here. #
  • So to celebrate the 4th in the peoples republic of california, since I cant buy pre-made exploders, I have made my own. Ah safety. #
  • Because this steel pipe filled with gunpowder, rice and confetti is sure to be safer than the 'illegal' ones that fly and explode. #
  • Grilling with Propane (vs Mesquite) is like having sex with a condom. Its safe and easy, but really doesn't have the same effect. #
  • I shall train my daughter to believe that if I am grilling and don't have a beer in my hand, the police will come and arrest me. #

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