Angry Tweets for 2011-07-13

  • You know what sucks? New residents/interns. I swear they are going to make me off myself. #
  • I swear to fucking god you dumbfuck resident, metformin does NOT come in 800 mg. STOP FUCKING WRITING FOR IT YOU PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT! #
  • This resident doesn't believe in writing quantities on anything. Even narcs. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. #
  • … Zyvox. NO FUCKING RESIDENT, NO FUCKING ZYVOX FOR A URI! YOU DIDNT EVEN DO A C&S? I swear, I'm going to kill someone. #
  • That boys and girls, is a glimpse as to what I have been dealing with the past 2 weeks. #
  • I'm still pissed off from today. #
  • Most evil thing in the world? PALS/MOLLE webbing on backpacks. I have more shit hanging OFF of my pack than IN my pack. #

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