Angry Tweets for 2011-07-19

  • No, the TAPocylapse didn't come. The rivers didnt run purple with prometh/cod and it didn't rain soma. #
  • Though instead of spending money on cigs, females should spend that $5 for a mirror so they can see what disgusting shit they decide to wear #
  • . @DrGhaheri I'd feel bad if our pharmacy association actually cared about pharmacists. in reply to PlankinOnJB #
  • Mondays translated to pharmacy speak means shitstorm #
  • A big pre #ff to @Inukeyou for your excellent taste in pharmacy residents. #
  • I feel cheated. @BurbDoc gets written about by the AMA and I dont even get a fucking curious look from the APhA. Fuck Pharmacy! #
  • They could at least give me an honorable mention for being more popular (and having more followers) than they ever will be. #

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