Angry Tweets for 2011-08-31

  • Sure, have me waste 45 min's of my day so I can get the 'antibiotic' Rx for you from the MD only to have it be an OTC antibiotic ointment. #
  • Seeing a Dx of HONK always makes me laugh. HONK HONK! #
  • If you want trade name, you pay for it. No arguing, no discussion, thats fucking life. Get the free generics and be happy you dumb pos. #
  • I show no mercy for someone on state aid going on vacation for 2 months out of the country and give me less than 24 hours notice. #
  • Little kid just pinched out a turd on the pharmacy floor. Mom just saw it and walked right past it. #
  • Really mom? Really? You picked up all the OTC stuff your crotchfruit dumped on the ground but you couldn't pick up her friggin food baby? #
  • brb, going to a patients house so I can pinch a duce on her kitchen counter. #
  • No wild turkey, I will not drink you! Even though I dealt with vomit and poop today at the store I refu-.. shit okay you win. #
  • Cleaning off my desk. This should be interesting. #

Angry Tweets for 2011-08-30

  • Its monday.. I got nothin. FML. #
  • People a lot smarter than me on twitter! Have you ever seen a PE after starting Tegretol. Discuss. #wtf #
  • I wonder if Atovastatin was supposed to be Abortastatin. You know, they are all Preg Cat X and all. #
  • I hope your Rx is for some opth products, because there is something obviously wrong with your eyes for allowing yourself to wear tube tops. #
  • Thats not camel toe spandex wearing woman, thats you trying to smuggle a small suitcase into my store. #
  • No matter how hot you are, buying 2 boxes of monistat vag and 1 pregnancy test takes that shine clean off. #
  • Seriously? Its vag, not wine or cheese – With overtones of oak, nutmeg and a metformin finish. #
  • Today sucked. Really, it sucked. And im nauseous so I cant even take a victory drink. #

Angry Tweets for 2011-08-29

  • Why is it a safe assumption that if you are unable to plan ahead for your med RF you are unable to plan for a disaster? Cali is so fucked. #
  • RESIDENTS OF CALI: If you expect the broke-ass government to bail your ass out with the 'big one hits', off yourself now and save us the $. #
  • Seriously, forgo that pack of cigs/6-pak of beer once a week and stock up on water and canned foods. #
  • No you white trash motherfucker, 'Southern Comfort' is not considered water. #
  • I miss @mommy_doctor 🙁 #
  • The east coast is wetter than girls at a teen dance, and twitter is trending about seth rogen and gaga. Way to go. #
  • I think being at home on twitter instead of evacuating from a disaster site is a nod to Darwin and two thumbs up from me. #

Angry Tweets for 2011-08-27

  • Hey @Kubed, @TheShyPharmD starts her emergency med residency soon, maybe you can moisten her panties with your awesome trach skillz. #
  • Speaking of trach, I really wanna trach someone.. While they are standing at my counter.. With my pen.. #
  • Ah twitter, where all the guys are genius assholes and all the chicks are in heat. #
  • The "Purple Stuff" in Sunny-Delight commercials is NOT Actavis Prometh w/ Codeine. Fact. Nobody would turn that shit down. #
  • No viagra today. Lots of trazodone. Guess thats uncontrolled #penisfriday #
  • Uh oh, coworker is in the restroom taking a duce, and he just sent me a picture text message. This cant end well. #duceolympics #
  • Im against pharmacy flu shots. I want my patients to be sick so they spend more money with me. Duh. #
  • News flash fucksticks, if your insurance copays are too high HERE, they are going to be too high EVERYWHERE. We all contact the same system #
  • Tell me a long well-rehearsed sob story, then yell at me when the story fails #howtheghettosolvesproblems #
  • Worst 6 words I can hear: "I wanna talk to da farmassist" #
  • Hold on, let me drink some rubbing alcohol and smash my head against the counter so I can understand your logic. #
  • Avoid bars on the east coast – all the drinks are guaranteed to be watered down *rimshot* #
  • What the fuck is going on @burbdoc. I always knew you were @hrana in disguise. #
  • As a medical professional, I must advice against tweeting under the influen-WHERE IS THE FUCK IS MY BOTTLE! #

Angry Tweets for 2011-08-18

  • Yes, I would like 2 tickets to funkytown. #
  • Big wooden spoon? CHECK!
    Big pot of twitter drama stew? CHECK!
    2 turntables and a microphone? CHECK! #
  • I cant believe 5k of you people follow me on twitter. I must be fucking awesome or you all must have 0 life. Im betting on awesome. #
  • "How much are those tylenol?" Let me walk ALL the way around the counter to get the cream NEXT TO YOU and look on the back. Lazy fuck. #
  • Why did i just call Tylenol cream? Shit, i think its the DT's kickin in. #
  • Twitter wants me to follow @DJPaulyD, as if my work-day isn't already filled with douches. #
  • Excuse me, Im going to go stalk some internet famous people and visit them at work. #
  • I almost strangled me some residents today. #
  • It makes me happy that @BurbDoc gets a small taste of what us retail grunts put up with for a living. At least he's still getting paid. #
  • Jesus H christ, I shit for 20 fucking mins and you all go on a tweet-a-thon. Installing toilet in front of computer. #

Angry Tweets for 2011-08-11

  • What the fuck is happening to pharmacy! #
  • Nurses, prepare to have your profession shit on like what happened to Pharmacy. Yours is coming too. #
  • So I advance this dickhead some BP meds because "I got no money", then he goes and buys fucking magazines with a wad of cash. #fml #
  • Line I used on a patient who wanted her prometh w/ cod xferd here: "Oh, of course only the thick purple stuff works vs other generics" #