Angry Tweets for 2011-08-27

  • Hey @Kubed, @TheShyPharmD starts her emergency med residency soon, maybe you can moisten her panties with your awesome trach skillz. #
  • Speaking of trach, I really wanna trach someone.. While they are standing at my counter.. With my pen.. #
  • Ah twitter, where all the guys are genius assholes and all the chicks are in heat. #
  • The "Purple Stuff" in Sunny-Delight commercials is NOT Actavis Prometh w/ Codeine. Fact. Nobody would turn that shit down. #
  • No viagra today. Lots of trazodone. Guess thats uncontrolled #penisfriday #
  • Uh oh, coworker is in the restroom taking a duce, and he just sent me a picture text message. This cant end well. #duceolympics #
  • Im against pharmacy flu shots. I want my patients to be sick so they spend more money with me. Duh. #
  • News flash fucksticks, if your insurance copays are too high HERE, they are going to be too high EVERYWHERE. We all contact the same system #
  • Tell me a long well-rehearsed sob story, then yell at me when the story fails #howtheghettosolvesproblems #
  • Worst 6 words I can hear: "I wanna talk to da farmassist" #
  • Hold on, let me drink some rubbing alcohol and smash my head against the counter so I can understand your logic. #
  • Avoid bars on the east coast – all the drinks are guaranteed to be watered down *rimshot* #
  • What the fuck is going on @burbdoc. I always knew you were @hrana in disguise. #
  • As a medical professional, I must advice against tweeting under the influen-WHERE IS THE FUCK IS MY BOTTLE! #

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