Angry Tweets for 2011-08-31

  • Sure, have me waste 45 min's of my day so I can get the 'antibiotic' Rx for you from the MD only to have it be an OTC antibiotic ointment. #
  • Seeing a Dx of HONK always makes me laugh. HONK HONK! #
  • If you want trade name, you pay for it. No arguing, no discussion, thats fucking life. Get the free generics and be happy you dumb pos. #
  • I show no mercy for someone on state aid going on vacation for 2 months out of the country and give me less than 24 hours notice. #
  • Little kid just pinched out a turd on the pharmacy floor. Mom just saw it and walked right past it. #
  • Really mom? Really? You picked up all the OTC stuff your crotchfruit dumped on the ground but you couldn't pick up her friggin food baby? #
  • brb, going to a patients house so I can pinch a duce on her kitchen counter. #
  • No wild turkey, I will not drink you! Even though I dealt with vomit and poop today at the store I refu-.. shit okay you win. #
  • Cleaning off my desk. This should be interesting. #

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