Angry Tweets for 2011-09-02

  • FUCKING DEA gives us 1.5 months to renew our CSOS cert. They take 1.49 months to process the app. #wherearemy222forms #
  • White dude, wearing a jersey with a toothpick and a tweeker twitch. Something makes me think this guy gets tons of trailer poon. #wtf #
  • Heres your fucking percocet you ungrateful shit. Have a good weekend. NEXT! #
  • Other Tech: Why do you fart so much? Me: I have to blast @TheAngryBKBJ's nose out of my ass somehow. @TheAngryBkBJ: "Im so into you." #wtf #
  • Vicodin or Soma. You can only afford one. You have 30 seconds to choose. #crackheadnightmares #

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