One thought on “Angry Tweets for 2011-09-06”

  1. Idle question. I’ve wondered about this for a while, and I can’t think of a better place to ask. I got acute bronchitis while on a business trip. I was given a prescription for hydrocodone, which I filled when I got home. As I sat in the parking lot of the pharmacy, feeling 2000% miserable, I thought, “Maybe I should have some now?” But… I didn’t. I was beat, and didn’t want to play with fire. So I got home, took the teaspoon specified on the bottle — and felt like I’d been hit by a Marlin Perkins Tranquilizer Dart Special. Understandable: I was sick, I was beat, I’d been unable to sleep the night before, etc.

    The next morning, as per the prescription (twice daily!), I took another teaspoonful… and *wham*. Again with the tranquilizer dart. Enough so that I grew suspicious (four hours later, when I could reasonably think again). That was when I realized that the bottle they gave me held 1.5 oz. But it also “held” 60 doses at 1 teaspoon each, according to the label — which comes to 10 oz. Or, roughly, a 6:1 ratio. Good thing I’m overweight!

    So: what’s the correct protocol here? I realize the pharmacy fucked up, but I really don’t want anyone getting in trouble. It’s water under the bridge, now, but is this something I should have called out? I know everyone has an off day sometime, but how are things like this dealt with? It was a CVS, if that makes any difference.

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