Angry Tweets for 2011-09-13

  • WTF Now @EricRPh is writing for @Pharmacy_Times? Guess I'm too awesome to write for magazines. 🙁 #
  • Fuckers will wait 30 min for food that cost them $100 but worth $10 yet wont wait 10 mins for meds that cost them $10 but worth $100. #
  • Hm, @nomnompaleo is an RPh. I'm a fan. #
  • Short of a drunk guy pitching a fit in the store because his VYKE-O-DANS weren't covered, it was a usual chaotic monday. Oh, im drunk. #
  • Today I received both barrels of humanity in the face. We need a national disaster, or a stupid-plague, or tainted 40's of malt liquor. #
  • If you are a pharmacist who likes to cook, follow @nomnompaleo – She has bacon, need I say more? #
  • Aww fuck. Isn't october "Pharmacists Month"? I wonder what sort of bullshit propaganda APhA is going to put out this year. #

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