Angry Tweets for 2011-09-14

  • Pharmacists month should be renamed to "Thank fucking God coffee was invented" month. #
  • Help save energy and the environment. Drink your alcohol straight out of the fucking bottle. #
  • I wonder what overpriced bullshit me-too drugs are in the works that are going to make my fucking life hell. #randompharmthoughts #
  • I wonder what drug-rep is meticiously adjusting her bra to get that perfect buttcrack-like-cleavage look to sell her overpriced shit #RPT #
  • I wonder what piece of shit stupid fucker is pissed off right now at me because he forgot to call in his shit early and its my fault #RPT #
  • I wonder if crackheads dream of PRN refills…oh..sorry.. "Standing order" for their narc prescriptions & a 4 day month #RPT #

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