Angry Tweets for 2011-09-15

  • "Fill anything thats due". Way to take responsibility for your medications there buddy. #
  • I hope TheAngryWife gives me a hug when I get home. I could really use one. #
  • Fuck, Twitter is as reliable as a crackhead with a full time job. #
  • If you're a retail pharmacist, and you dont know the glory of Gold Bond Powder for your backside needs, you're missing out. #
  • Gold Bond gives you soothing tingling cooling comfort for when the PBM's ram that big dry $0.40 dispensing fee up your bunger. #
  • Want to end polypharmacy? Make the patients pay fucking copays. The'll get really picky then what they want filled. #
  • Dear early 20's woman with 4 kids, your vagina is not public transportation. Though I think your mouth has more miles than the interstates. #
  • I hope TheAngryWife remembers to give me a hug. I shall cry without one. #
  • Viagra may fix your pecker, but it cant fix your fucked up face or the stench of ass that surrounds you. #
  • Have you used our cell-phone waiting area lately? Its in the parking lot, in the path of oncoming traffic. #

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