Angry Tweets for 2011-09-17

  • "Lost your dope I feel bad for you son… I got 99 problems but your Dans aren't one" #
  • I wish Dr Oz would promote walking into traffic as a miracle cure so we can rid the world of a good chunks of the idiots. #
  • Spoke with some prepharms few nights ago. They said what my advice was regarding a profession in pharmacy. I said "Find a new Major". #
  • They laughed and thought I was joking. Like watching cows to the slaughterhouse. #
  • Realistic tip in line with @RxPatrol. If a suspect pulls out a weapon, pull out a larger one. #
  • #LiveWouldBeBetter if being stupid hurt. #

One thought on “Angry Tweets for 2011-09-17”

  1. I have ms and get so pissed when people are giving my pharmacist a hard time three minutes until close. I also recently had my C_4 and C5 fused. I’m on every narc you can be on. Oxy, Vic, and Dan. It pisses me off when someone is giving my pharmacist a hard time for their fake ass drug issues and I’m standing in line with a 9 on the painscale to the tenth power. This happens almost every time. Fuck these dickheads. If it’s not the drugster it’s the bitch who didn’t take her three shits for the morning. So look the fuck out and let the real patients get meds so I can go home and lay down.

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