Angry Tweets for 2011-11-08

  • Man, my wrists sure are sore from the handcuffs. #occupypharmacy #
  • Why did I go into pharmacy? To get lied to? To get verbally abused by the entitled masses? Fuck helping people. #myfootoccupiesyourass #
  • I mean really, for that 1 patient that we truly help, we have to shovel the 5 patient-loads of lies, bullshit, and drama. #
  • If I do you a fucking favor, I expect a 'thank you'. Its not entitlement on my part, its being a decent fucking human being with manners. #
  • Because if it wasn't for us, you'd be dead already by some drug-drug interaction that a machine would have decided as 'insignificant'. #
  • Society needs a fucking punch in the face, a kick in the balls, and 2 scoops of earning what you fucking work hard for. Fuck handouts. #
  • The PBM's fuck us, the chain stores fuck us, APhA is too busy with MTM to care about fucking us, the patients verbally fuck us. #
  • The state boards are waiting until we drop the soap to fuck us. #
  • Pharmacy is getting fucked so hard that not even anusol-HC, Prep-H, and a total anal resection can fix the damage. #
  • You know what sucks? Ninjas. What sucks more? Ninjas who want their vicodin early. Dont ask me how I came up with this. #
  • Hey crackheads with a nicer phone than mine, ask Siri when your fucking vicodin is due. #
  • If I get an automated call from Siri demanding an early vicodin refill, I swear I'm going on a fucking rampage with a machete. #
  • "Siri, what pharmacy in town has the OC's instead of the OP's" #

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