Angry Tweets for 2011-11-25

  • People as we speak are lined up overnight in front of stores. These same people cant wait 20mins for their Rx's to be properly filled. FML #
  • I mean really, people are really that fucking stupid. They will wait in line OVERNIGHT yet bitch when YOU have to order something. #
  • To make matters worse, they are getting a $300 TV for 25-35% off, but their $500 drugs are 100% off. AND THEY ARENT FUCKING HAPPY. #
  • So this holiday season, be thankful your pharmacist has the patience and ethics to not tell your ungrateful sorry ass to fuck off and die. #
  • No.. Seriously.. There is a fucking LINE in front of stores right now. If Walmart blew up right now, i'd lose 80% of my patients. #
  • If I had a crooked MD with me and started selling vicodin and soma to these idiots in the lines, we could retire tonight. #
  • Oh wait, they would complain that its not fucking covered, and I couldn't count it fast enough. AS THEY WAIT IN A STORE OPENING LINE. #
  • These are the same fucks who "will pay me on the first" for their $3.10 copay, but will shell out $200 for a new TV TONIGHT. #

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