Angry Tweets for 2012-01-16

  • Got a phony script last week. Im sure the 5 doctors who never worked in this city, the #240 oxycontin, or the 5 refills was the red flag. #
  • Best line from another RPh after getting phony script: "This script is as phony as my wife's orgasms!" I cant top that one folks! #
  • That script was so doctored I expected drug reps to give me copies of it and tote it as the next best thing in medicine. #
  • Tomorrow is going to suck. Drinking choices are Triple-Sec or vermouth 🙁 #

Angry Tweets for 2012-01-07

  • Today I seriously considered ending it all with a spatula to the jugular. #
  • If you are thinking of an depressing and miserable career in pharmacy, go volunteer at your local pharmacy this month. #
  • Whoever said "You can't buy happiness" must of been a pharmacist. #
  • Props to WAG for telling Express Scripts to fuck off with their shitty $0.40 (!!!) dispensing fee (and an AWP cut that lowers every year) #
  • A big fuck you to CVS and Rite-Aid for accepting $0.40 as an acceptable dispensing fee from Express Scripts. You wonder why pharmacy sucks. #
  • So since CVS and RAD accepted a $0.40 dispensing fee from Express Scripts, how long until every other PBM pays a 40 cent dispensing fee. #
  • So next time you're down all your techs, with a queue of 100 making 0.40/rx, thank CVS/RAD and Express Scripts for setting the bar low. #
  • What CVS/RAD dont realize, that sure you lose EScript Rx's, but you also lose a bunch of busy work for little to no profit. #
  • So your profit goes down, but your cost of goods also goes down. You are just spinning your wheels with nothing to show for it. #
  • In the mean time, CVS/RAD have shown the other PBM's that pharmacies will take a fucking piddly ass 0.40/rx dispensing fee. Fuck that. #
  • So thanks CVS/RAD for fucking it up for all of us out there. I hope Express Scripts fucks you in the ass so hard your nose starts bleeding. #
  • Im drunk, bitching at work, and @DrGhaheri is drawing Pokemon. I went into the wrong line of work. #
  • Aww fuck, someone got me on video: #

Angry Tweets for 2012-01-06

  • Who's got 2 thumbs and has that fucking trololol song i posted earlier stuck on auto-loop in his head? Bob Fucking Kelso 🙁 🙁 #
  • Floater (to me): What the fuck is that song you're singing. Me: trololol lol lol hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! *pointing* #makeitstop #
  • Goal for the day, to have all my tweets use an internet meme. Problem Crackhead? #
  • Mother of God this woman smells like…. i cant describe it.. Its like rotting flesh with green vaginal discharge all baking #memeday #
  • I dont always have money – But when I do I spent it on Cigs and Lotto tickets than my Rx Copays #mostinterestingmemeintheworld #

Angry Tweets for 2012-01-04

  • "I want mah MS-Kawtin! The nurse said she could just call them in." Yeeeeeeah, you do that nurse….. #
  • What a fucked up day. Lunch was awesome, but the rest of the day was just F-U-C-K-D — FUCKED! #
  • So, retail peeps. Hows that D.0 conversion treating you? I should use smaller words since you all are probably drunk by now. #

Angry Tweets for 2012-01-03

  • Gee, go figure, the D0 claim format conversion went off like a fart in church. #
  • Ever notice that if you take LANTUS and remove the L and T you get ANUS? #cannotunsee #
  • Why does Barr name their generic BCP the most horrible, nonsense, useless fucking names on the planet. #
  • I mean really, they should use Generic Cereal names as an example! "Barro-Tri-Cyclin" – "Lo Barrstrin" – "Tiny Barrinor" #