Angry Tweets for 2012-02-03

  • Female Tech: Can you look at my throat to see if its raw // Me: Well there is an oval shaped bruise back there (lie) // Tech: …. // Me: !! #
  • I support any organization that help prevents unwanted fuck-trophies and allows you to go bareback on your honey. Mostly the bareback part. #
  • If you disagree with my last tweet you obviously haven't gone bareback without worrying about that Roman Coitus Interruptus spoiling the fun #
  • EScript for a not covered med, no responses to faxes, phone number goes to a IVR tree (not to the clinic), no MD license info. #
  • Its like this doctor is doing everything in his/her power to make me NOT able to fill this medication. This is fucking horrible. #

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