Angry Tweets for 2012-02-25

  • I'd like to give a big fuck you to everyone out there who makes mine, your doctors, and our staff's lives a living hell. #
  • When we hear you voice and we sigh on the phone, its because you're either a fucking asshole or someone who cant wipe their ass by themself #
  • Pony the fuck up, take your fucking medication, be responsible for your health and just dont be a fucking dick to people trying to help #
  • And if you think about being a total dick to me, I'm waiting until the HOUR your norco is due before I fill. Plus you get a narc report… #
  • … sent to ALL the doctors you are getting pain pills from, AND a $10 surcharge to your fucking norco. Why? Because I can be a dick too. #
  • Hate to tell you crackheads this, but MD/RPh's hold the keys to your crackdom. Dont shit where you sleep. #
  • And fucking say thank you. Seriously, say fucking thank you. Its not fucking hard, THANK YOU.. Not IZ IT REEDY YET? #
  • and when you see me in the stores or not in the pharmacy.. DONT ASK ME ABOUT YOUR FUCKING VICODIN AND WHEN ITS DUE YOU DUMBFUCKS. #
  • If you think highly of humanity and your fellow man, work in a pharmacy. I'll get the tissues ready when you realize you're fucking wrong. #
  • So people have been asking if I'm really @burbdoc only smarter and all knowing about drugs. I have an answer to that question. #
  • You know that last scene in the first ironman movie, when dipshit hooker-fucker gets asked if he's IronMan after he has a huge backstory. #
  • Well its not like that. Thats stupid. In fact, Tony Stark is a douchebag. I bet he pays cash for his fucking Oxycontin though. #
  • Well, haldol taken and @burbdoc is silent. You all have chosen wisely. #

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