Angry Tweets for 2012-03-28

  • How many MD's out there know the diff between CCB's that end in -DIPINE and Verapamil/Diltiazem? I bet about 4, all cardiologists. #
  • Do you even know what -DIPINE even means? #
  • Dont listen to @RxPatrol, locking your C2's in the safe is ticket to a gun pointed to the back of your head with "OPEN THE SAFE" #
  • And usually people with guns pointed at the back of your head are impatient. Trust me. Make them look for C2's in inventory while you run #
  • I mean really, in a robbery situation you give them what they want so they GTFO, Its not like you can say "I dont have the key to the safe" #
  • You think you can find the safe key + use it with fine motor skills when you're about 30 seconds away from a lead bolus? I dont think so. #

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